Howdy! 🌞 My name is Isabel and I’m a full-stack developer with a design background. I have a penchant for design systems, product strategy, and trying my best.

I go by they/them pronouns and I’ve worked for Plated, Postlight, Pippa, and Edelman.

I’ve worked for tiny startups where things move at breakneck speed, and I’ve also led cross-functional teams with 20+ contributors and stakeholders. I’m at my happiest when I’m building software, leading product strategy, and working with an awesome team.

Outside of tech, I’m passionate about diversity and inclusivity initiatives, cooking for others, and making friends on the internet.

Let’s build something together,

Isabel 💛

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black and yellow sketch drawing of rapper, princess nokia

Published Writing

A Better Sketch File, a Better Designer, a Better You

Postlight Insights (February 2018)

Being Genderqueer and Invisible in Tech

Desk Lunch (October 2018)


Why Non-Binary Tech Workers Remain Skeptical of the Online Adoption of Gender-Neutral Pronouns

By Taylor Majewski, Glimmer

Jóvenes y organizadas, así son las bases de Sanders que siguen creyendo en las opciones del senador

By Júlia Oller, infoLibre


Confronting Injustices in Shared Spaces

Desk Lunch IRL (March 2019)

“Designing Under Capitalism” Lecture

Kean University, Robert Busch School of Design (May 2019)